XBRITE Detergent Washing Powder- Exclusively Formulated For Denims Detergent Powder 500 g (Natural Woody Fragrance)


The best denim detergent is the one that is specifically made for it and we are glad to share that we???ve got the perfect denim wash for you! The XBrite Denim Wash is formulated specifically to keep your denims soft and looking their best. Denims are all about the washing effects that are created by the white and blue pixels, commonly known as the Salt & Pepper effect. If a detergent can retain the blue in its place and keeps the white look Extra Bright then that’s the right product for washing your timeless Denims. With repeated and heavy use, denims being highly absorbent in nature, tend to gather a lot of dirt and body fats, which can never be removed by ordinary detergents. But XBrite on the other end not only cleans effectively but also sanitizes denims making it more hygienic and comfortable to wear. Our Denim Wash is scented with the Classic Woody scent for a uniquely fresh and appealing fragrance. The best laundry soap for denim will preserve your favorite denim pieces and keep them looking like new much longer than your average chemical-laden laundry detergent from the grocery store. The XBrite has crafted a laundry detergent just for denims, and we???ve done so without sacrificing the environmental health or that of our customers. So the next time you wash your denim, toss the chemical solutions aside and treat your jeans with a laundry detergent exclusively made just for it. Time to give your blue denims the attention they deserve!

Model Name Detergent Washing Powder- Exclusively Formulated For Denims
Quantity 500 g
Type Machine Wash Detergent
Fragrance Natural Woody Fragrance
Works Effectively On Cotton, Denims, Polyester, Knits and Blends
Suitable For Denims
Base Ingredients Free of Phosphate, Caustic, Benzene and Salt
Eco Friendly Yes

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