Ganu Appliance Descaler (Make your appliance live longer)900g Detergent Powder 900 g

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Metallic compounds in water, such as magnesium and calcium, form limescale deposits on your washing machines parts with every wash cycle.These affect the heating elements and other machine parts, reducing their efficiency and longevity. Descal acts instantly on stubborn deposits and drains them out with the wash water. It restores the machine parts affected by limescale to their original condition and leaves your machine drum sparkling clean. Features Descal reduces maintenance cost of the machine, saves power and detergent consumption. A combination of mild acids and corrosion inhibitors gently removes limescale without causing damage to other parts of the machine. It can also be used on your coffee maker, electric kettle, showerheads or steam irons. Note 1. Use Descaler once in every 3 months to reduce hard water deposits and scales 2. Add the contents from the pack into the washing 3. Run at 40 degrees without the pre-wash program 4. It is not advised to descale immediately after a wash is completed 5. Ideally, the descaling is recommended to be done at least 5 hours after a wash

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